To CQM Pros, your Quality Control and Safety solution.

The team here at QCM Pros have been delivering results in civilian and government contracting for over three decades. Our goal is to provide our customers with a unique service that will lead to success on your project, whether you're a contractor who generally works in private contracting and are breaking new ground on the government side, or are just a growing company trying to stay ahead of the curve.


When it comes to civilian verses government contracting, one of the major differences is documentation and the "checks and balances," maintaining proof of accountability when it comes to contract requirements being met from pre-construction, to project closeout. The way this is accomplished is through submittals, and thorough, experienced QC and Safety Managers.


All too often, our combined team has seen contractors who have been around for a while in the civilian contracting world, who break new ground bidding and winning a government contract and are unaware of the administrative requirements, and end up in a legal battle, ultimately losing money either by paying liquidated damages, or simply not being awarded future contracts based on poor contractor performance. Whether you're the general contractor who won a contract directly, or a subcontractor who's been awarded work under a general contractor, all projects start and finish the same way, through submittals and administration requirements.


We have a highly experienced, highly trained team with decades of experience in multiple facets of contracting, both government and civilian. Whether you're just breaking into your first government project, or have been doing it for years and are expanding, looking for that certain level of coverage to help you move to the next level and keep building your reputation as a contractor who follows through, completing awarded projects on time and within, or under budget, we can help you get there.


Searching for a project specific taylored Safety or Quality related Plan? How about a customized company specific form with your logo? You're in the right place!

We specialize in Quality and Safety, and our professionals have decades of experience, not just in custom project taylored submittals, such as QC Plans, Accident Prevention Plans, Environmental Protection Plans, Waste Management Plans, (Hazardous Material) Abatement Plans, but creating Quality Programs, Safety programs, documents and forms custom taylored to individual companies. In other words, if you need it, we can provide it.