We will Provide a full time QC Manager at the work site to implement and manage the QC program for your project, from startup to closeout. He will attend the partnering meetings, QC Plan Meetings, Coordination and Mutual Understanding Meeting, conduct the QC meetings, perform the three phases of control , perform submittal review and approval, ensure testing is performed and provide QC certifications and documentation required in your Contract. The QC Manager is responsible for managing and coordinating the three phases of control and documentation performed by QC Specialists (if applicable on you project), testing laboratory personnel and any other inspection and testing personnel required by your Contract. The QC Manager will manage all QC activities. He is responsible for notifying the Special Inspector of Record of activities which require their review. He is responsible for coordinating the Special Inspection activities.  

You will be assigned an individual with a minimum of 5-10 years combined experience in the following positions: Project Superintendent, QC Manager, Project Manager, Project Engineer or Construction Manager on similar size and type construction contracts which included the major trades that are part of your Contract. The individual will have at least two years experience as a QC Manager. The individual will be familiar with the requirements of EM 385-1-1, and have experience in the areas of hazard identification, safety compliance, and sustainability.

In addition to the above experience and education requirements, the QC Manager will have completed the course entitled "Construction Quality Management (CQM) for Contractors."


****NOTE: All of our candidates have all required up to date certifications to be assigned to NAVFAC and Army Corp Projects.

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