CQMPros professionals are a unique group of individuals, with experience in all types of construction, in many different environments. Many are Veterans who have worked on both sides of government contracting. We have a thorough understanding of what it takes to complete a project.

        What You Can Expect From CQMPros Quality Control Personnel

Job Knowledge: To be knowledgeable of the Quality Plan, Task Order, the Standard Operating Procedures, and other related requirements which pertain to the Project, Assignment or AOR (area of responsibility) for which they’re assigned.

Compliance: To be in full compliance with all applicable Quality policies, specific job/ assignment policies and the Quality Department direction. This includes the required time-frame in responding to Special Inspections and other administrative tasks such as Weekly Performance Matrix Reports, Risk Matrix's, Sit Reps, Monthly Inspection Calendars and any other job related requirement during the assigned period of performance.

Reporting:  To produce accurate documentation on a daily basis and submit in a timely manner. CQMPros has a management program based on some of the strictest Quality Policies, such as the U.S. Navy, and Army Corps, so any project specific requirements, whether general industry standard or specific internal company requirements, will be met with ease.

Information Flow:  To keep Management informed of concerns, issues and/or conflicts.

Attitude and Behavior:  To maintain and present a positive and professional attitude in daily dealing with peers, management at all levels, DCMA Quality Assurance representatives, Military personnel and customers.

Project continuity: Once hired, you can be rest assured our professionals will be committed to ensuring your project is maintained 100% from start to finish, whether it’s a single document build for your project, or a full time on-site QC or Safety Manager.